Resource to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

For my DMD220: Principles of Interface Design course at UAT, students were called to write a brief discussion post about one of HubSpot’s blogs we found informative for our marketing strategy and our own personal portfolio.

I chose HubSpot’s post, How to Create an Effective Customer Journey Map to learn more about their tips for nurturing prospective customers throughout their customer journey, highlighting a topic that is critical to my marketing strategy. Bonus, HubSpot’s post also provided real-world examples and a downloadable Customer Journey Map template resource.

My Takeaway from HubSpot’s Customer Journey Article:

It’s important to understand your customer journey and that every single touch point someone makes with your brand before becoming a customer, all the way through after purchasing and beyond, matters. By breaking down the buying process, it helps brands gain valuable insights and identify opportunities for growth and improvement. Evaluating factors like user actions, emotions, pain points, and solutions can offer brands reasons why their KPIs, brand reputation and results like time-to-close, are what they are.

When brands have a clear picture of their customer journey through a customer journey map, they can see strengths and opportunities for improvement. Brands can more easily address their weaknesses and work to improve scaling growth and brand reputation. By utilizing a process and the template provided in HubSpot’s article, the end goal is for brands to be able to achieve more conversions by enabling buyers to make their decision to purchase or commit more confidently, easily, conveniently, quickly, etc. 

Screenshot from HubSpot’s Customer Journey Map post

Check out the HubSpot post for yourself and let me know in the comments if you found it helpful for your marketing strategy.


Agius, A. (2022, March 7). How to create an effective customer journey map [Examples + template]. HubSpot Blog | Marketing, Sales, Agency, and Customer Success Content.