As an experienced Digital Marketing Manager, I have over 13 years of experience developing and managing digital marketing and content marketing strategies. I am focused on generating high-quality leads, sales, customer retention and engagement to help businesses grow exponentially through data-driven marketing approaches.

I am adept with quality control, keeping brand identity and the high level strategy in focus while optimizing results through experimentation and exploration of innovative trends. I am surprisingly creative and analytical. I gain excitement and enjoy driving growth for brands through innovative marketing techniques.

Community Statement:

Personality Profiles

DISC: IC – Appraiser Pattern
Culture Index – Visionary
Enneagram: 8 wing 7 – Non-Conformist

Skills & Proficiencies

  • Attribution and Tracking Auditing
  • Audience Research and Building
  • Branding and Style Guides
  • Budgeting (predictive modeling)
  • Creative Campaign Ideation and Strategy
  • Custom Conversion, Events, and Tag setup
  • Design and Content for Organic and Paid Marketing Channels
  • Data Analytics and Omni-Channel Reporting
  • Data Privacy, Cookies and Compliance
  • Digital Advertising and Media Buying
  • Content and Copywriting for Ads, Web, Blog and more
  • Constituent and Customer Engagement
  • Integrations and Workflows Setup
  • Email and SMS Marketing and Workflows
  • Experiments and A/B Testing for Paid Channels and Email
  • Funnel Segmentation for Nurture Targeting
  • Hubspot Marketing and CRM Management
  • Influencer and Whitelisting Management
  • Lead Sourcing and Tracking
  • Lead Generation and Nurture Campaigns
  • Market Research and Persona Building
  • SEO / SEM Strategy
  • Social Media and Engagement
  • Team Leadership and Personalized Training
  • Technical SEO
  • Thought Leadership Content Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Website and Design and Management
  • Web and App Wireframing and prototyping/mockups

Software & Tools

Work Experience

Recommendations & Feedback

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