An Example of a Great Content Strategy

Overall Best Content and Branding Award Goes to… LOVEVERY šŸ†

In my MKT 250: Marketing Environments course, we were given an example of a brand that does a great job of building a relationship with its customers through its great content strategy. We were then asked to identify another brand that digitally engages their customers in a unique way and discuss their strategy and how their engagement benefits the customer and changes consumer behavior.

Screen shot of’s Home Page Content

After reading about the professor’s example and how their selected brand cultivated a relationship with their customers, Lovevery is the first brand that popped into my head. I initially thought that my fellow students and peers (who don’t have children) are probably going to cringe because I already wrote about Lovevery in a past discussion post. I even explored other options to try to keep a nice variety in my posts and for once talk about something not related to children but I was overwhelmingly disappointed when I further evaluated several of the brands I purchase from to see if they would be a good fit for my post. So, why not talk about Lovevery twice? They deserve it! (If you’re reading this – you deserve it Lovevery!). They get a lot of my money and I’m always promoting them to my friends, so there’s the proof their strategy works, right?

As a busy mom with a full-time career and college and no family close by, I need all the help I can get. There are so many times I’m with my kids and although we (my husband and I) have a lot of toys (including Lovevery’s play kits) and activities on hand, we still struggle trying to think of things to do or prepare for them that will captivate them for longer than 10 seconds, let alone teach them practical life skills, help their development, or win us a “parents of the year” award.  

Highlighting content, including Parent Tips that come with their products.

Lovevery’s content is engaging, very easy to read, and it is 100% focused on offering tips and ideas to parents (backed by research and practice, of course) on how to implement activities that accomplish so much. They are also rarely promoting their products in their content, so it doesn’t always feel like a sales pitch when I engage with this brand. The content is always relevant and complementary to their products, though, and it further demonstrates that they are experts in their industry and what they’re selling. 

Their blog setup is also incredibly thoughtful because you can view the content for all kids’ ages if you want or it’s also categorized into sections by age range. Additionally, if you sign up as a subscriber, it will email you articles as a workflow according to your child’s age (just like their products), so it’s highly relevant and personalized according to where your child is at in their development. Their timing is always on point to stay top of mind! Another example of this is that they always send holiday-themed activities and talk about how each one can be tailored according to any child’s age. Most importantly, for someone who is not an expert in early childhood development or preschool lesson plans, it makes my life so much easier and allows me to keep my creative noggin energy reserved for all the other things I need to accomplish. 

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The main point is that they believe if they build that relationship with you through free, thoughtful, and personalized content that offers you so much including time back in your busy schedule and better time spent with your kids (what more could you want as a parent), then you’ll also see value in purchasing their products and courses. They know you’ll then buy from them because you can see they know what they’re talking about, their content has already helped you, and you want to be a better parent and keep doing things that support your children. I believe it does work because it’s worked on me and many other moms I know! They’ve truly made a huge positive impact on my life and I’m a better mom thanks to this company. I will gladly give them all my money – just kidding, but definitely multiple content and branding mentions in my assignments.

Check out for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments!