Memorable, Attention-Grabbing Ads

In my UAT MKT320: SEO and Applied Online Marketing course, one topic of discussion was “So Many Ads, So Little Time.” Separately, we scrolled our personal social media feeds and collected screenshots of memorable, attention-grabbing ads that stood out in the crowded landscape that is the current state of digital advertising. As a class, we then came together to post and discuss our findings. We highlighted digital marketing tactics like storytelling, celebrity and influencer endorsement, strong images, audio, graphics and video content elements that stopped us in our tracks.

This is the sponsored Instagram ad from Jasper AI (an AI copywriting tool) that I shared for my post:


In a platform where visuals are the primary creative, this ad stood out to me as a text-only ad. It is simple, easy to read, and has aesthetically pleasing accent colors. Most importantly, the brand and ad elements including the text and caption are spot on for my digital marketing needs. I also recall this brand from previous research I’ve done on AI marketing copywriting tools via Google Search.

Whether they’re targeting me based on my demographics, behaviors, interests, or my search history, intent and/or following my website visit, I would call this successful digital marketing. I will absolutely take another look and consider this brand for my AI copywriting needs based on this experience because it was relevant and unexpected. Of all the AI marketing tools I’ve looked at within the past few months, this is the only one I’ve seen an ad from other than during my Google search activities, which is honestly surprising.

Today, with the number of ads seen before consumers make a commitment or purchase, it’s critical to take advantage of an omnichannel approach to targeting and remarketing for prospective and repeat customers. This is the perfect case for proving why it is important to create (and pay for) a presence on the top digital channels your customers use and why remarketing makes a difference. Even for B2B companies, brands have to realize that you’re still always marketing to a person, whether it’s a user or a decision maker. You never know where influence lies. Also, the attention span is at an all-time low while distractions are at an all-time high. In order to stay top-of-mind throughout the buyer’s journey, make sure you’re putting out reminders to help nurture your customers to the finish line.

What ads have you seen lately that were memorable and attention grabbing? Were they relevant to your personal or professional needs? Did you recall the brand and what channel did you see it on? Let me know in the comments below!