Objective 2

create content that fosters the growth and engagement of a targeted audience

Example 1: Content Creation for Targeted UAT Audiences

Lead initiatives and create content assets including media, copy, forms and landing pages for conversion-focused and engagement-focused campaigns across digital advertising and organic channels, email, and SMS to provide value to our audience, build trust and reputation, and lift results. Tools: Google, HubSpot, in-platform analytics tools, Ad Manager platforms, Canva, AI tools, Microsoft Excel, Teams, and Sharepoint.

Video of UAT targeted content examples

Example 2: Content Strategy for GENkids (SIP)
Link: stacedixon.com/student-innovation-project

Within the GENkids Marketing Plan, I have detailed the pre and post launch Content Strategy and Social Media plan, as well as created assets including a website and videos to promote the GENkids app to those who want to find sustainable, environmentally-friendly places, activities, and events near them for their children under 5 years old. Tools: Industry data, Canva, GoDaddy, Figma, Protopie.

Additional GENkids Video Content

Example 3: Content Strategy for LEXE Rolle e-Stroller
Link: stacedixon.com/lexe-rolle-e-stroller

Under the ‘Social Media’ and ‘Content Marketing’ sections in the LEXE Baby Goods Marketing Plan and pitch presentations, I have included the engagement and content strategies, including four blog articles as well as content calendar and assets for my student tech startup project marketing an innovative e-stroller. Tools: Industry data, Canva, Platform data, Search data, SEMrush, Moz, Grammarly.

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