Community Statement

Connecting Communities for a Sustainable Future

To my marketing, technology, and family communities,

I, Stace Dixon, am a wife, mother, and driven marketing professional focused on enhancing the lead-to-sales journey for brands through digital marketing, and I’m also an advocate for ‘low-tox’ living and sustainability. I have experienced the power of community and since an early age, I’ve been deeply influenced by empathy, inclusivity, and the desire to create positive change. As a natural promoter of what I’m passionate about and someone who always wants to be helpful, a career in marketing was imminent. I also enjoy collaborating and mentoring with other marketers to develop new skills and master new technologies.

My work in marketing has allowed me to connect with diverse audiences seeking solutions throughout a variety of industries. I currently connect budding technologists to a 100% STEM University with a leading-edge curriculum, vibrant and immersive culture, and state-of-the-art campus where students can learn, experience, innovate, and truly unleash their full potential.

I am also the founder of GENkids, an app designed to empower parents and guardians of the next generation to make eco-conscious choices, inspired by my values of being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Giving Back to the Community:

In my heart, I hold a special place for community engagement and philanthropy. From the Special Olympics and World Wildlife Fund to hosting Big Brothers Big Sisters events, to leading fundraising campaigns for the LLS and BeTheMatch in honor of a personal friend’s battle with cancer and cycling 150 miles from Boston to CapeCod for MS. I feel it’s incredibly important to show up for matters that are close to home as well as ones felt across the globe.

As a marketing professional, I see my skills as a means to connect and amplify the capabilities of world changers that can truly make a difference through technology innovation. I also believe that the strength of a community lies in its positive impact and the ability to be adaptable and supportive of positive change.

Influence and Inspiration:

Throughout my journey, I’ve had the privilege of being influenced by the most remarkable mentors, from chief executives to educators and thought leaders in leadership, marketing, and community engagement. Their values and legacies have guided my approach, encouraging me to be authentic, confident, transparent, and people-centric in all my endeavors—and to always push myself to achieve more. These guiding principles have significantly shaped my commitment to making a meaningful impact in all things, including raising and inspiring my children.

Maintaining the beauty and plentiful resources of God’s incredible earth has always been a passion of mine. Witnessing the manufacturing, consumption, and infrastructure systems that have led to harmful pollution and an increasing toxic load that’s devastating health and quality of life for all living creatures, I am committed to taking a stand and advocating for sustainability. Through responsible marketing practices, I promote eco-friendly, non-toxic brands and initiatives that align with our shared vision of a greener, cleaner, and healthier world.

The GENkids App: Empowering Sustainable Choices

With my dedication to both community and the environment, I have created the GENkids app for parents of young children to discover sustainable and environmentally friendly places, activities, and events in their local areas. With the help of this user-friendly app, families can make informed choices that align with their eco-conscious values, leading to a more sustainable future for our next generation.

GENkids acts as a virtual compass, guiding parents towards sustainable businesses, parks, and community events that prioritize eco-friendly practices. From organic or gently-used clothing to farmer’s markets featuring locally sourced organic produce and even eco-friendly playgrounds, the app fosters a culture of conscious consumerism, driving businesses to adopt greener practices and community members to actively participate in building a cleaner, more sustainable future for our children.

As I forge my future in the marketing field, I commit to lifelong learning and am determined to leverage my skills and influence for the greater good. By nurturing positive growth in all areas, supporting impactful causes, and championing sustainable practices through the GENkids app, I strive to leave a lasting legacy in my home, my community, and the world.

With gratitude and faith in a bright future, ✨

Stace Dixon