Objective 6

develop the ability to work with standard and emerging digital advertising platforms

Example 1: UAT’s Digital Advertising

I create ideas, designs, copy, assets, content and targeting for digital advertising campaigns published in Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram), Google Ads (including Search, Display, Pmax, YouTube, and CTV), Bing Ads, Snapchat Ads, TikTok and more. Tools: Industry data, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Express, Canva, HubSpot AI assist, ChatGPT, HubSpot, Google, and in-platform Analytics.

Video of demonstration of Digital Advertising platform experience

Example 2: Digital Advertising Strategy and Assets for GENkids (SIP)
Link: stacedixon.com/student-innovation-project

Under Media & Tactics in the GENkids Marketing Plan, using experience and industry data, I have laid out an overview of the digital advertising strategy including Target Market and Media Tactics plus ads, videos, graphics and more for paid channels. Tools: industry data, Canva.
(Brand site: https://genkids.godaddysites.com/)

GENkids digital advertising assets

Example 4: Digital Advertising Strategy for LEXE Rolle e-Stroller (Student Project)
Link: stacedixon.com/lexe-rolle-e-stroller

I created marketing plans including strategy for a fictitious tech startup with an innovative electronic stroller, with plans for paid digital channels including budget, market research, targeting, KPIs, metrics, assets, content, videos, blogs, social media, and more. Tools: industry data, Lightroom and Canva.

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